Motorcycle tire balancing

Do you think you need high speed spin balancing?  You don't, and you won't get it even if you have your tires "spin" balanced.

We use a static balancer.  We easily balance wheels to five grams which is the smallest wheel weight available.

The point of a spin balancer is to dynamically balance both sides of the wheel.  This is important on wide tires like on a passenger car where a wheel can be in balance and still wobble if the inside and outside aren't also balanced.  On your narrow motorcycle wheel this isn't an issue.

Besides, when a shop balances your motorcycle wheel they put the machine in static mode anyway.  Assuming the machine is properly set up and maintained you get the exact results our static balancer gives.  On the other hand, if the machine is mis-calibrated or the operator sets it up wrong the wheel might not be balanced at all.

With our gravity operated static balancer it just works every time.  Unless gravity breaks, then wheel balance is likely to be the least of your worries.

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