My Story

My Story:


A number of years ago I re-entered the world of motorcycling by purchasing a 1982 Yamaha XJ650 Maxim.  After agreeing to the purchase the seller had a problem with the motorcycle.  He took it to a dealer who charged him $484.62 for spark plugs, oil change and “rebuilding the carburetors”.
After getting the motorcycle home I found that it still had the problem that was supposed to have been fixed.  I went to a different dealer, purchased the required part for $8 and fixed it myself in about 10 minutes.

Oh, the mechanic also stated that the fork seals were leaking and recommended they be replaced for $234.00 + parts, which I didn’t have done.  Two years later when I sold the motorcycle the forks hadn't leaked a drop.

Since I’ve always serviced my own cars, boats, lawnmowers, dirt bikes etc., it was natural for me to take care of my motorcycle too.  In the process I joined a worldwide community of enthusiasts riding and restoring classic motorcycles. I’ve learned that the previous owner of my motorcycle had a common dealer experience and that there are two truths:
Dealers don’t want to touch a motorcycle that is more than ten years old.


When dealers do service classic machines they charge huge $ and often don’t get the repair right.

So I went to school, earned my State certifications and opened my own shop specializing in those classic Japanese motorcycles that are so difficult to have serviced.
As the business has developed, later model Japanese motorcycles and ATVs have become a larger portion of the business.
My commitment:

   I will give you the best value for your service dollar.
   I will use universal or aftermarket parts where it provides you the best value.
   I will fix it right and stand behind my work.
   I won’t sell you a part or service you don’t need.


I look forward to having you as my customer!


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