Tips for a great experience

Tips to help us help you:

We need to be able to contact you:

Please give us a phone number that has voice mail, answering machine or an answering service.  If we can't reach you your work might be delayed.  Cell phone users - we cannot leave you a message if your voice mail is not set up or the mail box is full.

About providing your own parts:

You are welcome to bring in your own parts when you give us your machine.  Once we start work we generally require that parts be purchased from us.  Of course we cannot provide a warranty on parts not purchased here.

Used tires are almost always a bad idea:

That tire on Craigslist might look great.  It also might have been patched, be ten years old or ridden over or under inflated.  Just because the seller thinks it's a good tire doesn't mean it is.  In the end you might have wasted your money, or worse yet, be seriously injured.  You don't have to buy it here, but spring for a new tire - it really is worth it.

Let the ladies at the desk and phone help you:

Their job is to keep me in the shop working on machines and away from the telephone.  If you call and only want to talk to Carl about your motorcycle it isn't going to happen.  Give them complete information about your equipment and issue, they'll get you taken care of.

We will likely charge extra if you bring us something disassembled:

You may think it reduces the time, but it doesn't.  When we tear something down we organize the parts so we can work efficiently.  We spend more time digging through your box of parts looking for things than are saved by it already being torn apart.  It doesn't help that things are also missing and something doesn't belong ended up in there.

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