Motorcycle Tire Installation

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Motorcycle tire mounting and balancing


Motorcycle tires is a competitive business.  I try to offer great prices in my store but I might not offer the tire you want or you might find a better price somewhere else.  No problem: I'll install the tire you bring me for the same price you'd pay if you bought it here. Tire installation prices are in the Price List at left.

Things to be aware of:

Used motorcycle tires are almost always a bad idea.  A tire the seller thinks is great may be too old or may have been damaged.  In the best of circumstances you'll only save a couple $.  Do yourself a favor, spring for new and have a tire you know you can count on for many safe miles.

New tubes and rim strips (flaps) are required for installation on wire wheels.  If your tire is 150 or wider the universal strips carried by most internet tire sellers are too narrow.  I stock the wide OEM strips needed for those tires.

Spin balancing?

We static balance motorcycle tires and you get the exact same result a spin balance gives.  If you want to know why read the ARTICLE in the Tech Tips section.

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